When passionate young scientists use the right way to communicate science!

We are glad to say that our blog has been “tweeted” about by EngageNU emphasizing the important role played by the CELLEUROPE Project to involve young researchers in communicating sience to others.

EngageNU is all about Newcastle University and Communities
working together


Engagement is central to Newcastle University’s mission to be a leading civic university with a global reputation for excellence, and is integral to ensuring that our research, teaching and professional activities have genuine economic, cultural and social benefits and impact. Our work today continues to build on the successes and learning developed as a Beacon for Public Engagement. The UK Beacon initiative ran from 2007 to 2011, and was designed to create a culture change across the higher education sector, seeking to support, recognise, reward and build capacity for public engagement

Check out @EngageNCL’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/EngageNCL/status/531568720540610562?s=09
Written by: Rihab Gam, Early Stage Marie Curie Researcher #1 based at Newcastle University, UK.

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