The 1st Poster Evening Event by The Postgraduate Committee at the Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University

Before talking about the 1st Poster Evening, I want to introduce the organizers of this successful event; PrICM is the postgraduate committee at the Institute of Cellular Medicine within the Faculty of medical Sciences, Newcastle University. PrICM is the one-stop space to meet, share and communicate with the diverse research community within the ICM. The three leaders of prICM are PhD students from different departments of the institute and they are Rihab Gam, Kile Green and Marco Silipo. Their aim is to promote social interaction and networking between postgraduate students, through the organization of social events and also outside the ICM. Amongst their socials we find very popular coffee mornings, scientific seminars, sponsored workshops, guided outdoors, charity pub quizzes and also surfing classes. Although prICM is a very young community (2 years old), it has gained high popularity within the Faculty of Medical Sciences in such short time thank to the efforts of its reps.

The 1st Poster Evening is the most recent amongst the several prICM events. It was a student-led session featuring scientific poster presentations from staff and students within the different institutes of the faculty. Posters were approved for presentation by staff as well as PhD, Mres and undergraduate students, whose intention is to continue with research in academia. The opening of the event was led by Dr. Richy Hetherington who invited 6 students, selected by the prestigious Insights Public Lecture competition of the Faculty of Medical Science, to present their work.

Afterwards, prICM opened the poster session acknowledging the sponsors of the event. In fact, although the community has received no funding from the University, Poster Evening was supported by the companies QIAGEN© (guest of the event) and VWR©, and the Marie Curie Initial Training Network organisation working under the 7th Framework Program “PEOPLE”, CellEurope. These bodies hugely contributed for making this event very special.

More than 50 members of academia including students, Post-Docs and PIs attended the event.  23 students in total presented their poster: 11 PhD, 8 Masters and 3 undergraduates.

Posters were judged by Prof Xiao Nong Wang, assisted by the prICM committee, on the base of content of the research, clarity in presenting and also poster layout. Six prizes were provided for the best poster from the different categories. 2 posters were selected on each category.

Because of the successful 1st edition, the Faculty of Medical Sciences wants to make Poster Evening an annual event in order to give the opportunity to all academics to present and discuss their own research, to promote networking between researchers, and share ideas and extend knowledge. And also the next years, the Faculty can always rely on prICM.

Written by ESR1 Rihab Gam